My Life


I am a wife to my hubby Jay who is the rock of our family and a mom to two amazingly sweet children.  Kaleigh is my oldest(13) and will be entering into her LAST YEAR of middle school!  I have to admit, I am a bit terrified of the new chapter we will face in one year’s time, but am excited for her as she continues to grow into a young woman.  Its hard to believe that my baby girl is growing up so quickly, it doesn’t seem real that I have a daughter who is thirteen!  She is a very independent(and strong willed) girl.  She loves to read, enjoys gymnastics, and having fun with her friends.  Carter is my sweet (not so little!) boy(9).  He is so tender hearted and has a real passion for people.  He loves playing any sort of super hero/action figure make believe, soccer, and playing with his friends.  I am blessed to have the opportunity and flexibility to be with my kiddos after school each day and love my life as a work at home mom.  It can be tough balancing family life and owning a business(especially when you throw in sports, after school activities, girl scouts, cub scouts, and housework!) but I wouldn’t change anything about it!  My family is my life and I am beyond blessed to be a part of theirs.

Now for a few random facts about me…

I love party planning and decorating!  I decorate for pretty much EVERY holiday and get so excited for Kaleigh and Carter’s birthdays each year!  I probably go overboard with all of the details but its so much FUN!  If I could come up with an excuse for a party every weekend I would!:)I have been doing this since I was a kid….arranging and rearranging my room and other rooms in our home, planning and decorating for my birthday parties, and constantly organizing everything!  I can become OCD at times and am a bit of a perfectionist, but I have definitely gotten better now that I have kids.  Everything cant be perfect all the time!

When I’m not photographing weddings and portrait sessions, I love to read.  I rarely have time for reading, but I truly love it!  I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and am so happy that the love for books has been passed down to Kaleigh.  I am hoping Carter will learn to love reading someday!

I am also a shopoholic(not that I do it very often….but when I do, I LOVE it!), a HUGE foodie, a junk food junkie(anything with chocolate!), and gym rat! I love drinking coffee, eating out, taking vacations, and spending time with friends and family. I recently have gotten involved with a social sports league and have enjoyed playing kickball and wiffleball! I love being active and bringing together sports, friends, a socialization with adults is AWESOME!

Fall is my absolute favorite season….cool weather and beautiful foliage…what more could you ask for?!?! This is also the busiest time of year for my business…between weddings and engagement and family shoots, my calendar is completely FULL! This makes it tough to spend time with the family, but I always make sure to carve out time to fit in our annual family camping trip to Goochland, apple picking, pumpkin picking and carving, our annual Glascoween Bash, and all things fall!

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