inventsPIN IMAGEThere are important factors to consider that will make some photographers a better fit than others…style, personality, and experience just to name a few.  An experienced wedding photographer knows how to anticipate all the moments, collect family members into groups and knows where the best lighting for photos will be.  When choosing a photographer for your wedding day, take notice of what images you are drawn to more than others and which types of images make you laugh, cry, and feel like you were there. It is important you trust your photographer’s eye and his or her ability to tell the story of your day.  You will be spending most of your day with your photographer so it is important that they make you feel like yourselves so they can capture the real you.

VY8A0633 copyPIN IMAGEPhotography plays such an important role as you plan for your celebration of marriage.  Not only should it be about capturing those everlasting memories, but it is also about the experience of your wedding day.  Your wedding is a joyous celebration of the two of you surrounded  by all your friends and family.  My goal for you is to be relaxed and worry free on your wedding day and for you to feel confident in your photos!  I strive to bring out those natural smiles, laughs, and emotions and for your experience to be fun and memorable.  As a client of mine you will receive photographs that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come.  You will be able to see your day through these images in ways you simply couldn’t when it was happening.  You’ll be delighted and inspired whenever you look through your wedding photographs.   Aside from my photography services, please let me know if I can help with recommendations for vendors, timelines, and other vital wedding must haves.

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